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11/17/23 Fri - 12/1/23 Fri

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Opening Reception 11/17/23 Fri 4-6PM

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Sean Yang [Korean American, b.1979] is a Los Angeles-based artist. His art practice revolves around sculptural ceramics to mixed media works using multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary methods to investigate social and internal space. He exploits the tension between the reproducible and the handmade object, in order to examine social control, collective unconsciousness, individual identity, socio-cultural transformation. Giving forms to ideas is to explore the boundaries between mental images and three-dimensional forms in ceramics and mixed-media works. This ongoing approach to my art practice is to get viewers to think, agree or disagree and be curious. The most recent solo exhibition TOUCHING THE TRUESELF WITHIN at Los Angeles Artists Association/Gallery 825 dealt with an interbeing through the lens of consumerism and mindfulness based on the essence of Buddhist teaching such as The Four Noble Truths; sufferings and the Noble Eightfold Path; self-righteousness, perceptions making aware of human nature and environmental sustainability.

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“It was at an early age that Robert Lee developed a love for art. As a child he found one of his father's books on drawing and he knew what he wanted to do with his life. It was at this point that he started drawing. After graduating from university, Lee floated around doing various jobs that were totally unrelated to art. Later he decided to take architecture classes and then move on to graduate school for fine art. He is constantly thinking of questions and tackling difficult issues in contemporary art and design.” Robert Lee stated in his artist statement.

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“I seek simple forms while pushing paint around on canvas in a naive way. I draw with paint, enjoying the immediacy of made marks. My paintings are blunt and textured. My iconography including the sun, bird, house, Joshua Tree, eye, skull, etc. repeat throughout my works. In a way, I create a potential for narrative, or space for meaning-making through the rearrangement of these forms.” Andy Lee stated.

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“My artistic journey is a captivating exploration of Gold, Sparkle, Glitz, and Glamour. As I craft each piece, I find myself transported to the most beautiful and joyous moments, infusing my work with positive energy and radiant vibes. I firmly believe that my art has the power to touch the hearts of those who encounter it, to share in the beauty and happiness that fuels my creative spirit.” from the artist statement.

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“The video 3ftx4ft is about living in confinement, and how navigating these spaces are difficult. This piece is subject to interpretation, and the space and its limitations can be a synonym for a physical or mental reality. This is expressed through the comedic and ironic action of living in a small bathroom.” from the artist statement. ““The world is your oyster.” But is it really? Born in 2001, my generation otherwise known as the “post-9/11 generation” has faced a lot of new changes and challenges to society following the effects of 9/11. As of recent years, the effects of climate change, social justice, and overbearing college tuition to name a few, has taken a toll on Generation Z as teenagers trying to navigate the world. Growing up near Los Angeles, I have had the privilege to be at the forefront of a lot of these issues, and this has ultimately allowed me to seek out my own ways of advocacy. My art is the reflection of my eyes and the way I see the world. I shoot primarily on a digital Nikon D5500, but on occasion I will like to use my Canon F-1 35mm film camera. I enjoy putting my own artistic flair to my photographs, combining fine art with still life components. My overall desire is to rekindle spirits across all generations, but especially those among Generation Z. To portray ambition, hope, and the change that humanity is very capable of.” The Kamela Cubillos stated.

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“The Joshua Tree stands as an iconic symbol of endurance in the arid landscape of the southwestern United States. His distinctive silhouette embodies the essence of strength and determination, weathering the harsh desert conditions for centuries. Yet, the very forces that shaped its resilience now pose grave challenges to its existence. In this mixed media body of work, I seek not only to capture the beauty and resilience of the Joshua Tree in a simple form, but also to ignite sparks of environmental consciousness and catalyze positive change. Together, let us become stewards of our planet, safeguarding its biodiversity, and embracing the lessons learned from Joshua Tree’s fight for survival.” From the artist statement.

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“As an abstract artist, I use color and shape to create a vibrant visual field. The artworks are made with very old memories, not recent memories, childhood memories, and memories that are only vaguely remembered in form, which is not well remembered now. What would it eventually be if I reconstructed collapsed form/memory from its oblivion?” Hanna Hong stated.

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“The subjects of my current works are traces of the process of personal consciousness surfaced through simple symbolic natural objects. I primitively express the uncertain ideological world of a specific subject by superimposing multifaceted color paints based on personal visual memory. I use the methods of sprinkling, shedding, and throwing, which work through processes of uncertainty, contingency, and multiplicity, resulting in my personal feelings, memories, and ideas for the world. Through abstract painting, I study the experimental freedom of expression as an artist.” Same Lee stated.


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