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Peace Together

04.29.22 Fri - 05.07.22 Sat
Opening Reception 04.29.22 Fri 2-5PM
Open Hours : Tue-Sat 12~5 PM
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Peace together
On the 30th anniversary of 4-2-9, or April 29, 1992, Korean American and African American artists will come together and present an exhibition together.
It is also an effort to find a world where we can live happily together in our society where multiethnic and multiculturalism lives together.
The L.A. Riots that occurred on April 29, 1992 was one of the most painful incidents in the history of Los Angeles, particularly for Korean immigrants and the African American community.
However, the incident also provided an opportunity to reflect on ourselves and seek the wisdom of living peacefully with other communities. For example, right after the riot, the peace march held by 100,000 people in the center of Korea town on May 2, which shocked American society, would be a good example.
We must accurately identify and share the root cause of the tragedy,
I also hope that it will be a valuable opportunity to examine how much we have changed over the past 30 years and what the current reality is. Such reflection will be an important key to finding a path for peace and coexistence for the future.
Recalling the memory of the 30th cycle of 4.29, we don’t want to dwell on the past, but learn how to build a better tomorrow together.  We hope the works featured in this exhibition can comfort you, heal you, inspire hope in you, and more.


New Wind
2.10.21 - 2.23.21

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in New York

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10.14.21 - 10.21.21

HK Studio

Gallery Western - Inside
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