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121st Korean American Day Commemoration Art Exhibition

미주 한인의 날 121주년 기념 작가전

미주 한인 이민 121주년 기념 전시회.png

1/12/24Fri - 1/19/24Fri

Tue-Sat 12-5PM

Opening Reception : 1/12/24 Fri 4-6PM

Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 12.29.53 PM.png

 -14 Artists-

Kang, Young IL 강영일, Kyungae Kim 김경애, Sooim Kim 김수임

Wonsil Kim 김원실, Jin Sil Kim 김진실, Damian Seo 데미안 서
Esther H Shim 에스터심, Hea-Sook Yoo 유혜숙, Na Kyung Lee 이나경 
Mi Young Jeon 전미영, Chung, Sun Hwa
 정선화,  Jeong Inok정인옥

Sungho Choe 최성호, Peggy Lee 페기리

Gallery Western - Inside


Into HOPE postcard_edited.jpg
Jaemyung Yang & 
Mi Seon Jeon
9.22.23 - 9.28.23

Jaemyung Yang : Finding the Breath of Mongolia & Mi Seon Jeon Collaboration Exhibition.

Into HOPE postcard_edited.jpg
4.19.23 - 4.29.23

8 Artists

​존재 - Existence
3.3.23 - 3.9.23

12 Artists

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